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Unique Process

Unique Process – Step by Step


As a Design Builder we assume the responsibility to help our clients discover their dreams and goals. We know it takes a careful balance of creativity, communication, and organization to make your home become a reality. The first step in this process is to get to know you and guide you in developing an outline for a successful experience. Through our experience and expertise we have developed a "Step by Step" process that has proven effective and stress free. In the discovery phase we conduct several interviews with our clients formalizing the "Planning Work Sheets" which help you clarify your objectives in writing. We also, preview many of our properties to discuss quality and finish levels of the project.

Home Site and View Orientation Studies

What Opportunities and restrictions does the property present?
What Design restriction exist that may impact your goals?
How would you like to use the property?

In order to answer these questions we need to:

Assess drainage patterns and impacts of any washes on the property or adjacent sites.
Review easements, plat restrictions and community/municipal standards
Acquire a topographical map identifying grades, natural features and view corridors.
Create a floor plan flow study which identifies major room corridors in the home and outdoor spaces and how they relate to the site.

Preliminary Specification, Timeline, and Budget Development

Before we can start the design of the home for our clients it is important to do some "management by objectives" goal setting. This is the start of the practical side of our business. Everyone loves to dream and building a custom home is all about fulfilling the dreams of our clients. Creating that one of a kind property as an expression of your own individuality. Yet, the most satisfying project is one that does all of that and comes in on time and on budget. Developing the relationship of scope of the work and the specifications of the project to realistic time frames and budgets is our responsibility and taking time early in the design phase to set parameters will result in a more satisfying stress free experience.

Design Development-Phase I - Floor Plan

We have spent a good deal of time with you to clarify your goals and objectives. Now it is time to apply design solutions to the criteria that has been established. The floor plan is the foundation of the home. All elements of design extend from this core component. It is not just the size and number of rooms, but also the how you will use these rooms and how style and function interrelate to create interesting spaces. The outdoor spaces are an integral part of living in the Southwest and we shall also develop the hardscaping and driveways/patios/pools/walls/etc. in this preliminary design stage.

Design Development-Phase II - Exterior Elevations

Each home should reflect the personality of its owners, but historical architecture always provides a basis from which your home design will evolve from. Whether it is Contemporary Southwest, Santa Fe, Territorial, Spanish Mission, or Tuscany a single style or theme should be dominate in your design. It is here that we will explore the various exterior materials that can be used to match timeless architectural styles. All exterior elevations of the home are developed in this stage. Massing Models, Colored Perspective renderings of the home, or even 3-D computer modulation of the building can be done to enhance your ability to experience the structure before it is built.

Design Development-Phase III - Architectural Detailing & Finish Specifications

"It’s all in the details" is a philosophy that we embrace. The "character", the "personality", the "heart of a home is in the details. Frankly, "it is in the details that we see our clients expression in the home. The relationship of the architect with the design builder, and the interior designer become important at this stage. It is here that space planning and furniture layouts as they relate to the floor plan occurs. Interior to exterior transition designs are developed. Feature walls and important architectural elements of the home are further defined with input from a variety of professionals. Our role is to keep communication open, response times efficient, and design solutions as practical as possible. The choices made in developing the "details" will create the authentic, timeless, and uniquely beautiful character of your home.

Design Development-Phase IV - Landscape/Outdoor Lifestyle

Living in the Southwest is not complete without experiencing the outdoors. The design criteria established for the indoor/outdoor orientation is as important as any other element in the design of your home. How you entertain with your friends, the recreational activities you enjoy, and the overall feeling of the outdoor spaces as they relate to the interior design are all considered here. We bring into focus the patio spaces, pool and spa features, outdoor cooking facilities ,outdoor lighting, exterior flooring materials, boulder features, and plant species.

Contract Documents

Thorough preparation of all construction drawings and documentation is paramount to effective results. My promise to my clients is that I am involved in every detail of their home and as part of that commitment I review all documentation personally for its accuracy and appropriate application. The more time spent up front in making decisions and preparation of the documents gives specificity to the construction process and results in more effective responsibilities and expectations of all parties involved.

  • Municipality Plan Submittal for Permits
  • Final Construction Drawings approved by Client
  • Final Specification exhibits and Construction Agreement approved by client

Construction Management

We have been patient listeners and you have been great "story tellers". The "artists" have applied their craft and we have documented what is sure to be an outstanding "Dream Home" reflecting your personality and individual spirit. It is time an exciting time and process as we begin construction. The "Art of Communication" begins with being a good listener, but effective operational systems insure that communication and quality control are achieved.

  • Construction Schedule development and submittal to client
  • Selection Priority Tracking Schedule submitted to client
  • Pre-Construction Meeting with Interior Designer, Architect, Client and Tierra
  • Site Meetings with Client- Framing, electrical, Audio, video, home automation, and a various progress "Finishes" meetings
  • Posting of construction progress pictures on a regular basis for client observation and comments
  • Financial Reporting- change order management, progress status, draw schedule management
  • Completion and Service Meetings with Client- Pre-close walk through
  • Closing walk through, 6 month status review, and one year review


We take pride in the relationships we form with our clients. With honesty and integrity we build this relationship the same way we build our homes – a step at a time. We are here to "Serve our Customer" and upon this foundation we have built an effective process enriched by Teamwork and Excellence. Our commitment to to you is personal and we hold ourselves accountable for your complete satisfaction.